Dear Federal, Military and Postal Employees, and Retirees,

We are honored to serve as your co-chairs of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) this fall. As people who have worked in organizing and advocacy, efforts like this excite us, because it is a collaborative effort that gives everyone a chance to make a difference and has tangible impacts for families in every community.

This year continues to challenge us all in unexpected ways in our neighborhoods, our nation, and around the world. From the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and economic struggles it continues to cause, to the extreme weather events like Hurricane Ida and the wildfires burning across the West, there is no shortage of reasons to give.

It’s our hope that we all work together and make this year’s CFC a success. We invite all members of the federal community – wherever you are – to join the CFC community. With your gift through the CFC, you can make a difference for those who need it most: from Haiti to Harrisburg and everywhere in between.

The CFC is our employee-focused and cost-efficient opportunity to improve the quality of life for those in need. Thanks to this incredible, voluntary philanthropy program, pledges from federal employees have topped $8.5 billion since 1961. Every dollar counts in making a positive change.

This is our campaign – allowing us to give via payroll deduction, support multiple vetted charities with one donation, and even pledge our time to volunteer. People in need around the world are relying on our help now more than ever. Give to a charitable cause you care about through the CFC now through January 15, 2022.

This year, in addition to our online CFC Giving System, an enhanced CFC Giving Mobile App for Apple and Android devices allows donors to pledge on the go through charity fairs, campaign events, and more.

You can be the face of change. Visit the CFC Giving System today at https://cfcgiving.opm.gov/welcome to create an account and pledge to the charities of your choice.



                                                                   Kiran Ahuja                                              Deb Haaland
                                                            Official portrait of Kiran Ahuja, Director, OPM                               Official portrait of Deb Haaland, Secretary, Department of the Interior

                                                                                          Director                                                                   Secretary
                                                           U.S. Office of Personnel Management                      U.S. Department of the Interior