Cause of the Week: Arts & Culture

 Arts and Culture web banner with face mask Cause sub-categories: Libraries, Social Sciences / Cultural Studies, Preservation (Historical, Landmark, Cultural), Media (Public Broadcasting), Museums (Art, History, Children’s), Performing Arts, International Exchange 

“Art is not always about pretty things. It’s about who we are, what happened to us, and how our lives are affected.” Elizabeth Broun, Director of the Smithsonian American Art Museum  

The arts are a pathway into the soul of society. Whether through painting, music, film, writing, or some other form of expression, the arts are a vessel for celebrating cultures, creativity, and imagination. They are a glimpse into history, a reflection of our present, and a hope for the future. The arts find a way to support us, especially during dark times. Even in the midst of quarantine and social distancing when museums, symphonies, theaters, libraries, and more have to remain closed to the public, performers, musicians, artist, and authors have found ways to make their incredible contributions to society available through virtual and digital means. 

Studies have shown a correlation between enrollment in arts courses and higher SAT verbal and math scores, yet many children in the U.S. and around the globe do not have the resources to experience arts and culture. They do not have access to necessities that ensure a successful arts program – musical instruments, art supplies, poetry books, and more.  

Additionally, due to funding shortages, many communities are currently facing challenges in preserving their culture and traditions. Arts & Culture programs are a way to protect and connect to the past, as well as an investment in the future.  

These important programs offer unique ways to pass on the history of our societies and educate and rehabilitate individuals and communities. Many CFC charities support the arts and culture through various funding initiatives. No matter what you are passionate about – there are many ways to show your love for the arts and culture through CFC charities. 

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