Alexa's Story of Survivorship

Alexa - Leukemia Survivor

Two-year-old Alexa and her family were going to visit family in Mexico for Christmas. They were very excited about the trip, but two weeks before they were scheduled to leave, little Alexa spiked a fever that just wouldn’t break. After a scary night spent with their daughter unable to sleep and crying, her parents took Alexa to the emergency room. They were sent home with antibiotics that helped lower her fever. Although Alexa had little appetite, she seemed to be doing better so they decided to proceed with their trip.

After they arrived in Mexico, Alexa’s appetite continued to wane. Filled with concern, her mother, Margarita, took her to a local pediatrician who ran a battery of tests. When the test results came in, the doctor told her news that would shatter Margarita’s heart—her little girl had acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

They immediately returned home so Alexa could start treatment right away. Her treatment regime was grueling—it lasted more than 27 months at a hospital 185 miles from their home. The travel expenses to get Alexa to treatment started to add up. After sharing their concerns with the hospital social worker, her parents were referred to the NCCS.

The NCCS was there to help. They received financial assistance from the Transportation Assistance Fund to help with mileage and additional support from the Emergency Assistance Fund for other treatment-related expenses. They also discovered helpful information in some of the NCCS’ free publications as they navigated the hardships of Alexa’s journey.

“The assistance from the NCCS has been so, so helpful. It is amazing that there is this kind of support for families like us,” said Margarita.

As soon as she heard about her daughter’s diagnosis, Margarita knew that their world would never be the same. But, no matter what obstacles that came their way, Alexa has kept a smile on her face while fighting like a true warrior.

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The National Children's Cancer Society
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Alexa, age 2, is a leukemia warrior.
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The Rodriguez Family