AllenForce provides accessibility to communities for All Eras of Veterans

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Veterans are an elusive group in our communities. Once someone has left the military, do they ever return as a "civilian"? In their words, "no".

There is a desire to stay in touch with their comrades, others who have served, regardless of the branch of service. This is a challenge when returning to their communities and families. AllenForce bridges that desire with professional support for them to immerse back into their home community surrounded by others who have served, but more importantly, including their families and friends. We serve them now, using the Therapeutic Recreation Model, connect them with a network of veteran culture based groups, and also educate communities on how to be more "veteran friendly". Programming is always inclusive of any physical injuries or mental health needs. The result is strong, highly experienced veterans being "welcomed home" in their own communities and know that their years of sacrifice during military service were appreciated by their country. AllenForce is proud to now serve those who have selflessly served us.

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Veteran uses VETANK to visit Field of Honor
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Donna Allen-Sebok, CTRS