Alzheimer’s Association Spotlight: Brenda's Story

ALZ Brenda & Ken

Brenda and Ken had an idyllic marriage. However, it also included unexpected trials: At age 59, Ken was diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Then tragedy struck again: Her mother, Cecile, was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, which later developed into Alzheimer’s. Brenda cared for Ken and Cecile simultaneously.

Ken died in 2017 after a long battle with the disease. Brenda was navigating her grief when the unthinkable happened: Her sister, Sally, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

To channel her pain, anger and frustration, Brenda became an Alzheimer’s Association advocate, elevating Alzheimer’s as an issue in the 2016 presidential election. Although she lost Ken to Alzheimer’s disease, Brenda has found her voice. She knows from experience that she can make a difference.

Alzheimer’s Association is supported by federal and military employees in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), the world’s largest and most successful annual workplace giving campaign, reaching approximately 10 million potential donors each year. Last year, CFC donors contributed nearly $81 million to thousands of local, national, and international causes in both funds and volunteer time.

Generous workplace giving campaign donors, like those in CFC, have helped find cures for children with cancer, supported injured military veterans and their families, provided meals and housing for those in need, and improved millions of lives, creating stronger, healthier communities for all of us.

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Alzheimer's Association
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Brenda lost her husband to Alzheimer’s. But her fight to #ENDALZ continues.
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