Carly's Story

Keeping Children Safe

Carly is nine years old. When she was five years old her abuse started. Carly told her third grade teacher that she was being abused. Carly’s teacher reported the abuse. The police brought Carly to Ralston House where she was able to tell the story of her abuse. By telling her story, the police were able to stop her abuse. Children, with stories like Carly, come to Ralston House every day where they find hope and safety.

Ralston House is a child advocacy center who works with law enforcement and human services to give children a voice. Children, like Carly, come to Ralston House to tell a specially-trained forensic interviewer their story in a safe and comfortable environment. The mission of Ralston House is to stop the abuse and start the healing for children and youth in our community.
You can help Ralston House keep children like Carly safe by making a recurring monthly donation.

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Ralston House Child Advocacy Center
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