A CASA Volunteer changed "Darren"'s story. . .

"Darren"'s IEP

"Darren" and his CASA volunteer, "Mary" have a good relationship and have done a great job staying connected virtually through COVID-19. Darren started High School in September and Mary noticed an almost immediate decline in his academic progress.

Mary noticed Darren was discouraged. He told her school was "too hard this year" and shared his frustration. Mary listened and asked questions about his classes, his schedule, and his teachers. Mary contacted Darren's school to discuss Darren's experience. Mary is familiar with Darren's learning challenges and advocated for a review of his IEP (Individualized Education Plan).

It was discovered Darren's IEP had not been taken into consideration by the school when Darren's 9th-grade schedule was created. Upon review of his IEP, Darren's schedule was changed and he was placed in appropriate classes. Darren is enjoying school again and is thriving with his new schedule.

With the support of a CASA volunteer through his case, Darren now has hope for a brighter future. Foster children with a CASA volunteer by their side are more likely to succeed in school.

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CASA for Children of DC
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A CASA Volunteer changed "Darren"'s story. . .
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