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Michael, a former marine

Estranged from his family, Michael, a former marine who was medically discharged, found himself homeless and living on the streets in Brevard. Being given just a 10% disability rating, equating to around $130 a month, he was forced to couch surf, sleep on the beach or streets - all doing so with considerable pain from his physical disability.

It was an all-time low point in his life, where he didn’t care about his unkempt appearance or personal health. He relied on the beachside food pantry for food and supplies. One morning while at the food pantry in Indialantic, Mike was approached by one of National Veterans Homeless Support Search & Rescue Team Members who asked if he was a veteran and explained a local housing program. Mike was a little skeptical at first but decided to check it out.

Within a week, he was off the streets and into a transitional housing program. During the next seven months, he was able to completely rebuild and transform his life. Michael worked to get a better disability rating and pay back the child support he owed, which allowed him to reacquire his driver’s license. He was also able to get the necessary treatment to help lessen the burden of his physical disabilities from the VA.

Thanks to the therapeutic months spent, he was able to re-join the community and more importantly, his family. Mike and his estranged wife have since reconciled and are currently living in a beautiful home together with their two children. Since then, Mike has become a National Veterans Homeless Support volunteer and hopes to be able to help other veterans that were in his same situation.

Michael may not have made it off the streets without the support of National Veterans Homeless Support programs. Your support makes it possible to change lives like Mike’s. Thank you.

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United Way of Brevard
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How United Way of Brevard and National Veteran Homeless Support helped Mike find stable shelter and rebuild relationships.
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