Children are impacted!

Children are Impacted Most!

As most people know, domestic violence does not discriminate. Children are affected by violence in the home and there are effects that go beyond being fearful. Hearing and witnessing violence can affect children so much more than that. Hector (not his real name) had watched his mother be abused for all of his 15 years. When she was able to leave and come to the safety of La Casa, he had so much guilt from not being able to help his mother, and overwhelming anger from seeing what his father had done to his mother. Through sessions with our empathetic staff, Hector was able to see he was not at fault and learn that there are ways to have healthy relationships. He was able to deal with his guilt and anger during their stay, and his grades and behavior greatly improved!

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La Casa, Inc.
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Children's Program
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Pamela Cisneros