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With Gratitude

Our Vision for the Virgin Islands
The Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands (CFVI) is committed to being a trusted link between philanthropic dollars, impact-driven nonprofits, and our Virgin Islands community. CFVI aims to be a catalyst for positive change through inspiring philanthropy, strengthening nonprofits and engaging the community.

Our primary goal is to build a collection of permanent funds used to enhance the educational, physical, social, cultural and environmental well-being of the children, youth, and families of the Virgin Islands. CFVI works directly with grant recipients and other partners to propose, fund, troubleshoot, or support initiatives related to resident well-being.

CFVI is a committed strategic partner for various stakeholders, providing technical assistance and insight driven by the Foundation’s key priorities. Together, we believe the Virgin Islands will be a thriving community fostered by a culture of generous giving.

Fulfilling Our Mission
With a 30-year history of serving the USVI community, CFVI has been identified as a trusted vehicle for receiving and distributing funds to support renewal across the Territory. We are uniquely positioned as the only Territory-wide community foundation, offering donors, funders, and other stakeholders intimate community knowledge, a history of collaborative partnerships, leadership, reputation, and accountability.

By cultivating relationships with trusted partners and supporting them to reach effective, long-term solutions, we allocate dollars responsibly to ensure every dollar invested in our community is driving positive change for current and future generations. CFVI operates a broad grants program to multiple grantees that is not limited by mission to a single focus or cause or exclusively to the interests of a particular constituency.

We believe that impact happens when philanthropic dollars align with community needs and strong nonprofits committed to addressing them. To ensure that every dollar invested in our community has maximum return, CFVI takes a strategic approach to serving our island communities:
-Acting as the local expert, ensuring all voices are heard and considered in determining the Territory's future.
-Cultivating relationships, building partnerships, and supporting nonprofits and organizations committed to driving change.
-Working with donors to manage their giving, achieve their philanthropic goals and create greater impact with their charitable gifts.

Our Capabilities
CFVI is recognized among donors, nonprofit organizations, and the public as a thought leader, center of non-profit administration excellence, and cross-sector facilitator. It has a track record of administering significant grants to organizations and nonprofits that enhance the educational, physical, social, cultural, and environmental welfare of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

With a professional staff and a volunteer Board of Directors composed of community leaders, CFVI is a trusted advocate and supporter of programs that ensure opportunity and sustainability for current and future generations. To enhance its work, CFVI actively collaborates with trusted non-profit partners and other entities throughout the Territory, offering donors, funders, and other stakeholders: intimate community knowledge, a history of collaborative partnerships, leadership, reputation, and accountability.

Our Accomplishments
The Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands (CFVI) was established in 1990 with a $540,000 donation, created to serve both donors, residents and nonprofit organizations of the Virgin Islands to ensure the highest quality of life for present and future generations. Since that time, our total assets have grown to over $17 Million.
CFVI manages a diverse variety of funds, administers scholarships and community programs, awards grants, and coordinates the establishment of memorial funds. CFVI has awarded $46 Million in grants, scholarships, and services for organizations and initiatives benefiting USVI residents since 1990. CFVI is unique in that our operating expenses are not funded by administrative fees charged to the majority of our funds. This ensures that 100% of contributions to named funds are distributed directly to support the charitable needs of the Territory. In 2000 CFVI managed approximately 20 funds; today CFVI manages over 175 named funds.

CFVI’s Angels network is the largest philanthropic network in the Territory. Since 1999, the Angels network has provided more than $6.6 million in unrestricted funding from individual and business donors who contribute $500 or more annually to the Community Foundation. We are proud of our community support with more than 200 contributors to the Angel’s drive annually.

CFVI provided essential leadership when the Territory was impacted by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in September 2017, overseeing the distribution of $16 million in relief and recovery funding. Currently, CFVI has taken a major role in addressing community needs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We remain committed to building forward for a brighter future in our Virgin Islands.

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