Dedicated to Keeping Climbing Areas Open

Color the Crag Climbing Festival

The Access Fund is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to keeping climbing areas open and conserving the climbing environment. Preserving the opportunity to climb and the diversity of the climbing experience are fundamental to the mission of the Access Fund. Working in cooperation with climbers, other recreational users, public land managers, and private land owners, the Access Fund promotes the responsible use and sound management of climbing resources throughout the United States. The Access Fund encourages an ethic of personal responsibility, self-regulation, strong conservation values, and minimum impact practices among climbers. "The staff and volunteers who toil anonymously in the trenches are very smart and very dedicated and they work their damn butts off to make sure that you and I and every other climber in this country don't lose our access to the peaks and the crags that give meaning to our lives. The Access Fund has accomplished a lot for all of us, and will no doubt continue to do so in the years ahead. Supporting them seems like the right and decent thing to do." -Jon Krakauer, Author, Into Thin Air

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Access Fund
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Carlos Flores gets a hand chalking up at the first ever Color the Crag Climbing Festival
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Photo courtesy of © Irene Yee