Destiny's Wish - A Fabulous Bedroom Makeover


For many teenagers, getting your own room away from your siblings is just a part of growing up, but for one very special 15-year-old, getting her own room was essential to her health and well-being.

Destiny Fields, a New Orleans teenager and talented artist, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma at a very young age. In March 2017, she had to undergo a bone marrow transplant, and wished for her own redecorated bedroom to come home to after her stem cell transplant. She connected with A Child’s Wish of Louisiana (ACW) and her Wish Coordinators, Tammy Cardinale and Stephanie Kaston, to help with her unique “design challenge.”
ACW worked with contractors to have Destiny’s room repainted and the flooring replaced, based on Destiny’s own selections, but the most exciting part was a shopping trip accompanied by her mother, two sisters and her Wish Coordinators to select furniture, bedding and décor. Since Destiny would be needing her own room, this spectacular wish also included a bunk bed for Destiny’s sisters, which ACW helped install, assemble and decorate!
While Destiny was in the hospital, the furniture was delivered and ACW helped Destiny’s family decorate with the bedding, curtains, pillows, lights, wall hangings and accessories. The room was a perfect haven for Destiny to come home to and begin her recovery, styled in a way that captured her unique style and outgoing personality. Destiny also happens to be a very talented artist for whom painting is therapeutic and allows her to deal with her illness in her own way. Destiny enjoys creating colorful folk art scenes of New Orleans and Southern Louisiana culture, with a special focus on local musicians.
A Child’s Wish is a Louisiana-based non-profit organization devoted to fulfilling the dreams of children who must make plans one day at a time. We have helped hundreds of critically ill children experience the joy of having one of their wishes granted since 1982. Our organization is made up entirely of volunteers, which allows us to put every dollar we receive into the making children’s wishes come true. These volunteers donate precious time and talent to children across Louisiana. We rely exclusively on the generosity of private donations and funding to grant wishes. Our greatest ally is the universal love most of us share for children, but our most uncompromising enemy is time.

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A Child's Wish of Louisiana
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Destiny Fields shopping for new bedroom furniture with her family
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Stephanie Kaston, A Child's Wish