EDWIN RIVERA - A Puerto Youth at Risk Success Story

Edwin Rivera Show Some Love

Edwin was a 10th grade public school student when he started in our one-on-one mentoring program. He was getting by in school with passing grades, but lacked motivation. He shared that at time his "life plan" was to start a drug dealing business with his older brother, who had already encountered problems with the law. He was being raised by a single mother who struggled to put food on the table.

After completing the mentoring program, Edwin says he felt a profound change in his life. He found the motivation to work hard at school, found a job bagging groceries, abandoned his plan to start dealing drugs, and improved his relationship with his mother whom he said he did not appreciate before participating in the project. He emphasizes his life is divided into "before and after" joining JPRR. Given the support, experiences and skills gained in the program, Edwin found his inner strength and set his goal of studying and working to make a better life for himself and his family. Currently Edwin has a master degree in Social Work and works with families and children in a Head Start Program, he is also a proud and loving father to a beautiful daughter.

Edwin's story is just one testimonial which showcases the results of how investing in prevention services for at risk can change the life of a young person. The odds are not their favor, growing up in poverty, with high rates of community violence, and with a fragile education system, are challenging circumstances to overcome. Nonetheless, one program, one significant relationship with a mentor, can bring hope and reveal new possibilities for a different life path. Thus, we invite you to join our efforts to create more possibilities for youth at risk of dropping out of school, starting drug abuse and delinquent behavior. Your donation can make a difference and create more success stories like Edwin's.

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Puerto Rico Youth at Risk
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Edwin Rivera, graduated student from Puerto Rico Youth at Risk one on one mentoring program.
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Cindy Ocasio, CNCF Vista Member of Puerto Rico Youth at Risk