Finding housing for Robert

Outreach workers during Covid-19

Robert was referred to us by Montgomery County in May as a rapid rehousing candidate. That means that, because he was a veteran experiencing homelessness, he was eligible to be placed immediately into a housing unit by our team. From there, Robert could begin to pick back up the pieces of his life.
Sixty-four years old, Robert had been homeless for 15 years, living out of a car he’d borrowed from a friend. Our case worker took an introductory meeting with him and knew immediately this wasn’t going to be a quick rehousing placement. Robert was chronically homeless and would need permanent help.
Upon making this decision our staff immediately went to work finding him permanent supportive housing. Robert was denied at the first few places we tried because he had no credit. But our case worker leveraged an existing relationship with a landlord in Gaithersburg, and on July 3rd, found Robert an apartment to call his own. He moved in a week later, and for the first time in 15 years slept in his own bed.
Ending homelessness is our mission. It is particularly important now, during Covid-19, to help everyone who lives without shelter find permanent supportive housing. Robert now has housing of his own for the rest of his life. He is protected from Covid-19, and from all the ravages of homelessness.

Charity Name
Bethesda Cares
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Two outreach workers perform homeless outreach wearing faceshields
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John Mendez