Finding a Way Home

Finding a Way Home

Finding your way home in the midst of a pandemic is no small accomplishment. After months of cycling through motels and shelters, Boris and his family were one day away from ending their homelessness. Just one final home inspection stood in their way.

But due to COVID-19, an inspection freeze stalled the housing process for Boris and many Oklahomans working to end their homelessness. The family was devastated. With all of the local shelters full, Boris and his wife desperately wanted to keep their two-year-old son out of street homelessness. But the family had lost their primary source of income during the pandemic.

Thanks to support of donors like you, United Way was able to help the family with temporary housing and move-in fees once the freeze was lifted. Now Boris and his family are starting a new chapter in their new homes.

“When we got the keys and walked in, my son said, ‘this is my home,’” Boris said. “It was like taking Mount Rushmore off my shoulders.”

Thousands of families in central Oklahoma are currently facing eviction from their homes. Because of donors like you, United Way-funded programs provide much-needed help, and hope. Every dollar matters. And every donation makes a critical impact. If you’re not in need yet, please help someone who is.

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United Way of Central Oklahoma
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Boris and his family
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The Homeless Alliance