Good Neighbor Junica


In the year 2018, I was in need of some food. My baby girl brought me to Good Neighbor House. One of the reception ladies asked me what I needed, so I told her the pantry. As the conversation went on, she asked if I knew about all the other programs they offered. One of the programs they mentioned was a diabetic program. My daughter said, “mom, try it.” So the reception lady gave me an application to fill out because the class was filling up fast.

Well, they didn’t call me until around January or February of 2019. I didn’t know what to expect. The day I first joined in was the Exercise class, and I thought, “oh, I can’t do this.” However, everyone there reassured me I was going to be OK. My thoughts were, “yeah, right…” I worried I was going to be let-down once again. But when I returned for the next class, everyone was still happy, friendly, and excited.

God knew where I needed to be. I have built friendships with many of them and our exercise teacher is very understanding and encourages us that we can do it and to just give it a try!

Good Neighbor House is my outlet. I go there about 4 days a week. I love it. My husband would say, “will you be home for lunch?” and my response is, “Nope, see you at 7!” If it had not been for Good Neighbor House making me take a look at myself, I wouldn’t have made time to take care of my health.

I have learned that all the health problems I have are due to previous [life decisions]. I thank and praise God for [making necessary changes]. Thank you, Jesus!

When I miss bible study at church, I have a back-up spiritual bible class at Good Neighbor House. Cooking Demo class gives me a healthy variety of cooking food. I am not an artist by any means, but my father, sister, and son are. However, I now have 4 paintings that I am very proud of because of the painting classes that GNH offers. I love that class, and it tends to relax me.

What I love about Good Neighbor House is the programs they offer. These programs help us physically, mentally, and spiritually to become stronger; from being a better leader, to showing compassion for others, as well as, praying for one another. [Redacted for clarity]


Charity Name
Good Neighbor House
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Junica standing in front of Good Neighbor House's entrance.
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Sarina Tacovic