Hardworking Single Mother Finds Hope at Good Shepherd


During uncertain times, individual health is something to be cherished. Without basic healthcare, the hard times are magnified. Good Shepherd Clinic provides consistent, quality medical and dental services to vulnerable members in our community who would otherwise have nowhere to turn. We consider healthcare to be a basic human right. Lack of access to quality healthcare impacts more than the uninsured individual – it impacts families, employers, and the community.

In 2018, Oklahoma’s uninsured population ranked second highest in the nation. Our state is ranked 49th in the nation for health system performance due to this lack of insurance, poverty, and lack of affordable care. Oklahoma is our home, a state of beautiful land and beautiful people. This is a place where we care about our neighbors. Too many of those neighbors are suffering due to a lack of adequate healthcare. It’s unacceptable to us that people go without necessary healthcare simply due to a lack of insurance. Our clinic exists to meet this need.

Ruth is a patient at Good Shepherd Clinic. As an Oklahoma resident of 14 years, Ruth works as a hairstylist and enjoys life with her wonderful family. Before coming to our clinic, she was experiencing regular pain in her abdomen that kept her from doing her job and loving her family well. Without insurance, Ruth attempted to find relief and answers from regular doctor visits but soon had to choose to live with unceasing pain as she couldn’t afford consistent visits and medication.

Ruth finding care at Good Shepherd was her way of being able to fully experience life again. Doctors found a mass in her uterus that finally explained the pain she had been experiencing for far too long. It was so large that Ruth had dilated to 3 as her body tried to deliver the mass and relieve the pain. The doctors at Good Shepherd referred her to get ultrasounds and they were able to diagnose and effectively treat Ruth’s symptoms. With medical intervention and medicine, Ruth is now pain-free and able to work and live a better life. She refers to our clinic as a “holy place”, a place where people with no insurance can be served.

As she speaks of Good Shepherd, Ruth says, “The doctors at Good Shepherd really care about their patients. You can see it in the way they talk to us and the way that they treat us. It’s so incredible that they help people in need.”

Good Shepherd Clinic exists to help vulnerable community members just like Ruth, hard-working people who simply can’t afford insurance or consistent health care. It costs $94 to fully treat a patient at Good Shepherd Clinic. This small amount ensures that every patient that walks through our doors can have access to health care services including medical, dental, pharmaceutical, nutritional, counseling and more. We invite you to join us by volunteering, praying, or giving today. For more information, visit goodshepherdokc.org.

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Good Shepherd Ministries
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Ruth's smile radiating after reciving care at Good Shepherd Clinic
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Pam Timmons