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No organization saves more pets in Idaho than the Idaho Humane Society.

No organization saves more pets in Idaho than the Idaho Humane Society. In addition to rescuing thousands of local animals, we are able to transfer in over 1,200 pets from shelters and rescues throughout Idaho and from outside the state. In fact, some of the shelters that recognize our lifesaving abilities for difficult to place animals and who send animals to us for adoption, are themselves some of the leading “no-kill” shelters in the U.S.

Our Shelter Medical Center does incredible work saving shelter pets with severe illnesses and injuries every day, and our amazing volunteer foster program saves thousands of pets which include our program within Idaho’s correctional facilities to save sick kittens and rehabilitate dogs with behavioral problems.

The Idaho Humane Society saves more pets each year than any other animal shelter or rescue in Idaho. We are a progressive, comprehensive animal resource center working towards a truly humane future in which no savable pet is ever euthanized.

Our core approach includes:

High Volume, Low-Cost Sterilization of Pets: Each year we spay and neuter more pets than any other organization in Idaho. We sterilize over 8,000 pets per year.

Shelter Medical Center: Shelter animals receive the same medical care that they would receive as if they were owned.

Veterinary Medical Center: Our staff of licensed veterinarians treats more than 20,000 animals each year owned by low-income pet owners who would otherwise not be able to provide care for their pets.

Assisting Rescue Groups and Other Animal Shelters: This year we will accept over a thousand animals into our shelter for adoption from smaller rescue groups and overcrowded, under-resourced animal shelters throughout Idaho and elsewhere in the U.S. because of our organizations’ high adoption rates and ability to provide care to special needs pets.

Foster Care: Idaho Humane Society has the largest network of volunteer foster caregivers in Idaho and over 1,600 animals are cared for annually by our loving foster families. Special needs pets such as un-weaned kittens, pets recovering from injuries and illnesses, and those that require behavioral interventions or socialization, are all saved by these dedicated caregivers.

Comprehensive Adoption Programs: Adoptions are vital to our lifesaving mission and luckily most of the pets we shelter are placed in new homes very quickly. 6,636 pets were placed in new homes last year.

Volunteers: Over 1,000 volunteers are the backbone of our organization and they work at every single level of our organization. From our all-volunteer 16-member board of directors to our dog walkers, cat huggers and dish cleaners – our volunteers make a lifesaving difference every day at our facility and are fully integrated into all aspects of what we do.

Compassionate Leadership and Staffing: From top to bottom, our organization is committed to saving every animal that we possibly can. We are continually open to new ways to improve the chance for every savable pet to find a new home and our programs exemplify this.

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