I Didn't Think It'd Mean a Lot...

David Carlisle

David Carlisle was the first GED student in United Ministries’ Adult Education program to successfully earn his GED during COVID.
For 37 years, David didn’t see how a GED could change his life and after three attempts of completing it, he stopped trying. Then when David found a job at a reputable company that required he complete his GED, he was determined to complete it. David joined United Ministries’ Adult Education program in February 2020 and was able to qualify for all four subject tests by the time we closed in mid-March for COVID. Unfortunately, the GED exam testing site closed too, which forced David to wait to finish.
Thankfully, his employer was understanding of the circumstances and David continued studying for the exam with the help of academic counselors. "The GED staff sent me links to practice and study," shared David. Consistent practice in the four subject areas—math, social studies, science, and reading—was imperative in this gap period. David continued studying the independent study materials the Adult Education staff provided electronically, so when the testing site opened back up, David successfully passed on his first try!
David shared that although he didn't think it would mean a lot to him to finish his GED (because he'd gone 37 years without it already), he was quickly consumed with a sense of "self-accomplishment" after passing the exam. He laughed that his mom was planning a graduation party for her 37-year-old son, but what a huge achievement worth celebrating!
David is now working as a bucket operator at General Electric and feeling more confident in his future thanks to his dedication and the support of United Ministries’ Adult Education staff.

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Emily Kodat
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David Carlisle's excitement after obtaining his GED at age 37.
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David Carlisle