Maya’s story on women empowerment through education

Maya, 11-yrs-old, loves going to school

Save the Children provides child-friendly spaces inside the Al Amer school in Sa’ada. Maya’s* story is told through a translator:

I love school because I learn manners, culture and respect. I learn everything.

My favorite subject is Arabic. Our house is close to the school, so it takes me five minutes to arrive here. I don’t care about going through the dust or sun or anything else to get here because I love studying at school. It teaches me reading and writing.

At my school, there are no female teachers and the male teachers aren’t teaching because they need to get paid.

My sister stopped going to school and now studies at home because there weren’t many girls in her class and no female teachers.

I want to be a teacher, a girl’s teacher, so that girls will continue their studies and become like me in the future.

I’m encouraged to come to school because there is a playing area with toys and games where teachers teach me, encourage me. Everything is there.

They teach us sewing, needlework, pattern cutting. We have games. Everything we want is there.

We don’t like the war because it destroyed us and left us without teachers because they don’t have salaries. The economy is in crisis. Everything is in crisis here.

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Save The Children
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Maya, 11-yrs-old, loves going to school
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Mohammed Awadh/Save the Children