Meet Naomi, Wyatt & Sonja

United Way of Cass-Clay

Naomi is a 24-year-old mom to two beautiful children, a daughter, a friend and a member of our community. Naomi struggled with addiction which led to spending time in jail and losing custody of her son Wyatt. After her release, Naomi struggled with homelessness for several years – living in shelters and in what seemed like a never-ending cycle. While homeless she gave birth to her second child, a daughter Sonja. Shortly afterward, she also lost custody of her daughter. The barriers and hurdles seemed impossible to overcome.
Naomi wanted better for her life and the lives of her children. She wanted to provide her children a home, food, love and opportunities. Thanks to the help and support of a Housing Navigator made possible by United Way and through her own hard work and dedication, Naomi was able to get an apartment, obtain stable employment and ultimately regain custody of her daughter Sonja. As her life became more stable, she was able to work with her probation officer to be released from probation, and is now working on reuniting with her son Wyatt.
Your partnership with the United Way provides children like Sonja and Wyatt the opportunities to have stable, loving homes with their parents. Children of homeless situations are 4x more likely to become homeless themselves as adults. By stopping the cycle with Naomi, we provide bright futures for Sonja and Wyatt.

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