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As I approached a decade of military service, I had questions about my calling and purpose after the military. What could I possibly be good at besides shooting straight and running fast? When you’re a Marine there’s a singular focus: How do we get ready for deployment? What would be my focus after the military? The Honor Foundation (THF) helped me sift through these questions as I listened to countless success stories of others. From director level management to Wall Street banking investors, Prior Special Operations Veterans were out there making big names for themselves. THF is a professional development organization designed to assist Special Operators in their transition from military service to civilian life and find honor, purpose and passion in the private sector.

THF exposed me to numerous corporate professionals, authors, and entrepreneurs through shared experiences. They are directly responsible for the and success I have had while transitioning from active duty to civilian life. The most important thing gained from THF was the ability to network through their 50 Cups of Coffee initiative. It helped me understand the difference between conversation and networking. I learned how to truly and impactfully and truly brand myself with my Why Statement.

While in the cohort, every individual is challenged to achieve the goal of completing 50 new connections (i.e. conversations) that aid in your pursuit of growth. After figuring out your why, choosing what motivates you, and picking a career in which you’ll have the most fulfillment, you begin to recognize the first round of exploratory conversations, coupled with the curriculum, prepare you to be able to effectively target the correct growth of your network. I took the methodology to heart and immersed myself in THF’s curriculum. Driven by the clarity of the process I was accepted into an MBA program. Through networking events THF recommended, I met my business partner and started an advertisement company Base Space Ads. Guided by the THF staff, I found and completed a certification for Project Management. Most importantly, by effectively utilizing THF’s 50 Cups of Coffee technique I was able to land an amazing job with a company whose culture and drive perfectly match my own. Eight months ago I was a Staff Sergeant in Marine Special Operations Command, and today I am The General Manager of National Speed’s performance automotive shop in Richmond, Virginia. This company among many others I crossed paths with, prides itself on being veteran-friendly. This veteran-friendly culture is a recognition of the leadership and drive veterans bring to their company.

I am honored to be associated with such an amazing organization and staff. I hope my achievements will inspire those who come after me to learn more about The Honor Foundation.

Semper Fi!

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Jason Hadaway, The Honor Foundation Alumni
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