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The Ocean Project works to advance ocean conservation in partnership with zoos, aquariums, museums (ZAMs), and other conservation education organizations around the world. We are a small not-for-profit organization that leverages a broad partner network of around 1,500 ZAMs and other conservation education organizations to bring about positive change for our blue planet. We work to help children and parents become more interested, educated, and involved in conservation, in their homes and communities, regionally, nationally, and internationally. The following is excerpted from emails to The Ocean Project from the mother of an 11-year old boy in Colorado. He was doing a research project for which we helped provide some scientific information and contacts: Thanks so much for all your help. Ben gave a great presentation and he was completely intrigued by the power of the internet, and the good will of the people on the other end of the internet.... nice combo, but he now knows it takes both! [As a result we had] the opportunity to learn about your work on The Ocean Project one day, be reminded by you of the environmental vision of [a family that funds scholarships] the next, and connect with a researcher in Finland the next! Thanks so much.....You have further "hooked" another ocean conservationist! We look forward to following the progress of The Ocean Project.

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