The One and Only

Stacey, America SCORES Cleveland poet-athlete

Stacey, a 4th grader from A.B. Hart School in Cleveland, Ohio, is a star poet-athlete who has accomplished much in his first few years with the America SCORES Cleveland program. Stacey is a vibrant and outgoing student who makes friends easily and learns new skills quickly. In the SCORES program, Stacey has picked up new soccer skills and honed his literacy skills.

Stacey struggled with reading compression and writing throughout his early years of school. “SCORES helped him out a lot. I can’t believe the poem he came up with. He’s more comfortable with writing and reciting what he wrote,” Stacey’s mother stated when asked how SCORES has helped her son.
In November 2019, Stacey placed among the top individuals in the annual America SCORES Cleveland Poetry SLAM with his poem “The One and Only.”, a poem about how he is a unique and strong individual. His winning poem qualified him to take part in the America SCORES Regional Poetry SLAM in Chicago in February 2020.

On February 22, 2020 Stacey and two other America SCORES Cleveland poet-athletes took the stage alongside America SCORES students from Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Louis. Stacey performed two poems (“The One and Only.” and “Family”) and placed second! By placing in the top three, Stacey qualified to take part in our National Virtual Poetry SLAM which will take place this September.
Stacey remains active with SCORES despite the pandemic. At the end of May, Stacey took part in a virtual Open Mic with other SCORES students from Chicago, New York, Washington D.C. and Vancouver. He performed one of his second-place winning poems from the Regional SLAM. It was a great opportunity to meet fellow SCORES students from around the country and share their work.

In June, Stacey (along with three other America SCORES Cleveland poet-athletes) was featured in two promos about fighting the Summer Slide with WKYC, a local news station. He wrote rhymes about how he uses reading and writing to combat the loss of learned knowledge that happens during the summer.
As Stacey moves into this new and unique school year, we cannot wait to see what he accomplishes next!

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America SCORES Cleveland
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Stacey, 4th grader, performs at the America SCORES Cleveland Poetry Slam in November 2019
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Paul Eakin