PETA's Community Outreach

Sweetie Pie

PETA replaced Sweetie Pie's heavy chain and wooden box with a lightweight tie-out and a sturdy doghouse. She was also spayed so she wouldn't add to the homeless-animal crisis. Our field workers see this every day, so PETA does what we can to make these forgotten dogs less miserable until attitudes and laws change. Which is what we work toward! We deliver sturdy doghouses, straw bedding, toys, treats, food, fresh water, flea and worm treatment, spay/neuter surgeries, emergency vet care, and more. This program makes a difference for thousands of dogs every year. Dogs left outdoors are often chained or penned without adequate shelter and suffer terribly. Our goal is to educate guardians about good animal care, especially the basic notion of allowing dogs to live indoors as members of the family. Unfortunately, changing attitudes takes time. When people insist on keeping their dogs outside and refuse to give them up for adoption into homes where they can be treated like members of the family, PETA works to improve the dogs’ lives. Our fieldworkers continue to return to check on the animals and replace old bedding, check the doghouses, and make sure that the animals have food and water.

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
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Sweetie Pie Before and After
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