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“He could have taught this class,” the Community College teacher said, “he knew everything I presented by instinct and logic.” “He” was Edward, a 14 year-old disenfranchised and awkward middle school boy who found himself at the Club after a recommendation by his school’s Social Worker. His parents are a long time local government employee and a frequently out of work laborer who accepted no “charity.” Edward’s father didn’t understand him. He yelled. He bullied. Edward’s intellect wasn’t valued by his parents. They thought he was “troubled.” He was repressed. Edward attended a trades training as part of a summer program at the Club and impressed every teacher he worked with. His engineering mind worked in 3D. He understood coding and graphics and electrical circuits, wiring diagrams and plumbing grades. The Club’s Unit Director coordinated his no cost attendance to the program. “He just needs a chance,” she said. “He’s going to shine!” Shine he did! Edward found his confidence and became the Club’s first junior staff responsible for all Club technology--AV equipment, computer equipment, and telecommunications equipment. Over a period of about six months with the guidance of two dedicated volunteers taking the time to learn Edward’s buried aspirations and the Unit Director who saw a good hearted kid who needed respect and a purpose, Edward came out of his shell. “I’ll take care of that for you, Miss Ginger,” as he bounded up the stairs to the Computer Room. “I’ll get the system all set up.” Confidence, courage, and determination emerged all because someone cared. The Club cared. Edward, like every child, is a gift waiting to be discovered…a precious contribution to our community and culture. Each holds talents and strengths and interests sometimes buried in the need for basic sustenance. When nurturing, food and rest are not certain, children’s development is stifled, along with their confidence and self-esteem. The Club is the equalizer, the cultivator of greatness…a place to become

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