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Public Citizen: We're Making a Difference

Public Citizen’s record of success over the past nearly 50 years is unparalleled.

Public Citizen uses every tool at our disposal to take on big fights – and win. We mobilize activists to grow democratic movements, watchdog Congress, sue the government when it fails to do its job, petition regulatory agencies to safeguard the public and engage in cutting-edge research that effects change.

Public Citizen has argued 58 of cases before the Supreme Court. We have successfully petitioned the FDA to ban 27 dangerous drugs, saving thousands of lives. We helped create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. We’ve blocked the construction of hazardous nuclear and coal plants across the country. We’ve helped ban Red Dye No. 2, forced the deployment of lifesaving airbags in cars, won the right of airline passengers to receive compensation, and much more.

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Public Citizen Foundation
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