Redemption at Treasure House

Changed Lives at Treasure House

Eight months ago, Hope made the decision to move into Treasure House with her two kiddos Xavian and Julius. Before coming to Open Door, Hope was living at Miracle Sober Living House through Mile High Behavior Health and the chance to move to Treasure House has drastically impacted her life.

When asked what she feels like she has gained the most at Treasure House, Hope replied, “I feel like I have gained a lot. I am more independent; I even go to the grocery store by myself. I used to believe that I couldn’t do that, like it was too hard. I gained a safe place to live and have freedom to know what my kids and myself need and where we’re going to in the future.”
Hope also spoke on what she loved most about Treasure House. “I love the community that they build. Everyone’s story is different so they provide help and challenge you to grow in areas that you specifically need to grow in. It’s not cookie cutter, they truly want to help each of us.”

“Treasure House changed my life around. Before, I was just trying to stay sober and Treasure House helped me realize that sobriety is important, but there’s more things to life like financial stability and independence. I don't have to just be sober, I can live my life fully and have freedom. It’s hard and challenging, but it’s not as hard and challenging as I made myself believe it was and Treasure House broke those barriers for me.”

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Open Door Ministries
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Hope's kiddos (Xavian and Julius) enjoying the sun outside of Treasure House
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Open Door Ministries