Rescuing Rosalee


Eight-week-old Rosalee was barely clinging to life. Small enough to fit in the crook of your arm, the Shepard cross was unconscious, and unresponsive, when she arrived at Animal Humane New Mexico. We weren’t certain she would make.

Rosalee was immediately given pain medication, oxygen and fluids. X-rays of her tiny body were heartbreaking. Roselee not only had a broken leg, she also had injuries to the side of her face and all along her rib-cage – injuries that looked intentionally inflicted.

Your generosity through the Combined Federal Campaign provided the resources necessary to care for Rosalee. And, after 5 long hours, she woke up.

The now-beloved puppy spent months in our care. Following two surgeries to repair her injuries, Rosalee moved into a temporary Foster Care home. Her dedicated Foster Caregiver assisted Rosalee with physical therapy to strengthen her leg and taught her social skills necessary to find a home of her own one day.

Six months after arriving, Rosalee was declared strong, healthy and ready for adoption. Because of her astounding resilience, her new family gave her a new name; Tomo, after the female Japanese warrior, Tomoe Gozen, and in honor of the veterinarian at Animal Humane who saved her life, Dr. Tomomi Lager.

Tomo recently celebrated her first birthday. She enjoys daily walks and playing fetch with her forever family.

At Animal Humane, we are committed to saving the lives of sick & hurting pets, like Rosalee. But, we can’t do it alone. Your Combined Federal Campaign gift provides hope and healing for New Mexico’s homeless cats & dogs. Thank you!

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One-year-old Tomo visiting friends at Animal Humane.
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Animal Humane New Mexico