Rocky- The Pitbull's Story


In July 2020, a 13 year old Pitbull named Rocky was abandoned by his family at a kennel in Maryland. PAW was contacted after many attempts by the kennel to get into contact with Rocky’s family. It seemed they no longer wanted him and had just “dumped” him there. Awful!

Poor Rocky waited and waited but his family never showed…so he waited some more…until PAW came to rescue him. We found him two incredibly loving parents who have truly given him a fabulous home.

About a week or two after Rocky went to live with his newfound family, he started to develop some serious skin irritation, which the vet determined was allergies, as well as back pain. The vet changed Rocky’s food, which seemed to help with his allergies, and continues to help Rocky manage his back pain.

A few months later, Rocky’s parents noticed a bump on his chest and a few on his testicles. They did the right thing and brought him in to see the vet, who removed and biopsied the tumors. They found out that Rocky had a visible mast cell tumor which was malignant. The bumps on his testicles were benign thankfully. The vet was able to do complete surgical excisions on both areas.

The total cost of Rocky’s vetting, to date, exceeds $2,000. If Rocky’s cancer returns, that bill will only grow exponentially.

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Partnership for Animal Welfare
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Rocky- The Pitbull
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Liza Malnik/PAW