Saving Olaf

Dapper Olaf

Olaf arrived at Humane Society of Parkersburg as a four month old kitten with a severe upper respiratory infection. Upon further examination it was determined that Olaf had multiple polyps in one ear and his throat.

These polyps were making it difficult for him to breathe and for him to live a happy and healthy life he would need surgery. As plans for Olaf's surgery were being made, he started experiencing respiratory distress and was rushed to a specialist to get the surgery on an emergent basis.

The surgery to correct Olaf's problem would cost thousands of dollars, but we were dedicated to helping this otherwise healthy kitten live the life he deserved.

Olaf has made a full recovery after his surgery!

Thanks to all who cared for Olaf-it takes a village-our staff, volunteers and great supporters like you to provide animals like Olaf a happy and healthy life.

Charity Name
Humane Society of Parkersburg
Photo Caption
Olaf (4 months old)
Photo Credit
Rose Wilson