Sharing U.S. Veterans' Stories: Honoring, Inspiring, Connecting and Educating

National Veterans Memorial and Museum

The only museum in America to honor ALL our Veterans, the National Veterans Memorial and Museum gives a voice to every man and woman who answered the call of service for our country – all military branches, during war and in peace. The Museum tells the individual stories and shared experiences of Veterans throughout history in their own voices and pays tribute to servicemen and women and their families' sacrifices. Their legacies come to life in a dynamic experience with photos, letters and personal effects, multi-media presentations, and interactive exhibits. Together, these elements link our national story to the broader context of world events and, most importantly, to the human experience of those who have shaped our country’s history since its earliest days.

Beyond its core exhibits, the Museum engages traveling exhibitions to provide guests with a diverse array of experiences that showcase different artists, installations, and more honoring Veterans. Donations and memberships celebrate the legacy of all U.S. Veterans. Educational programs, curriculum and virtual field trips for K-12 students and a Leadership Certification program for graduate college credit through The Ohio State University combine with community outreach to unlock opportunities for all ages to learn about our nation’s history and gain inspiration from our Veterans. Support is critical to the Museum's ability to fulfill its mission to honor, inspire, connect, and educate. Members enjoy exclusive previews and access to traveling exhibitions and other events the Museum hosts. With different membership levels, there's an opportunity for everyone to get involved.

In addition to the mission and vision of the Museum, the architecture itself is noteworthy. Seeming to rise from the ground, the building itself symbolizes our nation's Veterans and how their strength emanates from within. With more than 50,000 square feet, the Museum features a Great Hall, providing spectacular views of Central Ohio's Scioto River, as well as a space for gatherings and public events. A second-floor mezzanine features a Remembrance Gallery to honor our fallen heroes, and a lower level incorporates a rotating, special exhibit gallery space. Outside the Museum is a 2.5-acre Memorial Grove, designed for contemplation and reflection before visitors return to their everyday lives. Throughout the entire building, and outside, visitors feel remembrance, gratitude, and honor of those who courageously served.

As impressive as the building is and the importance of what it contains, the Museum is connecting and impacting lives well beyond its physical walls. National Veterans Memorial and Museum’s website is a vital, virtual hub that is always open and impacting Veterans in meaningful ways. Monthly Rally Point events are inspirational and educational. Hosted either in person or through the Museum's social and digital channels, a Rally Point gives Veterans and civilians access to beneficial, timely discussions with Veterans and civilians who are nationally-renowned experts in their fields with subjects ranging from health and resilience in times of stress to employment and entrepreneurship programs and opportunities. Special care is given to making meaningful connections for Veterans and ensuring our returning heroes feel part of a strong, supportive, and caring community. Museum leadership and dedicated staff craft programs that raise funds for ongoing Veterans programs through the generosity of corporate and individual support.

The National Veterans Memorial and Museum helps Veterans share their personal stories of service and overcome adversity to help other servicemen and women and their families. The Museum is a special symbol of support for all Veterans and is committed to preserving their experiences. Support for the Museum will help preserve and share Veterans’ and military families’ stories; create programs that connect Veterans with their communities, provide inspiration and education for all Museum guests and our online communities; and honor ALL U.S. Veterans. This one-of-a-kind cultural institution and virtual Veteran's hub stands as a gathering place, both in person and virtually, for inspiration and unification as one people with a common bond and shared pride in our Veterans. Visit us online at

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National Veterans Memorial and Museum
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National Veterans Memorial and Museum
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