From Sickness to Strength: The rescue of two orphan sisters

From Sickness to Strength: The rescue of two orphan sisters

In July 2018, we were introduced to Mercy and Rose, two orphaned toddlers fighting to survive in rural Uganda. With swollen bellies, tattered clothes, and dangerous living conditions, these sisters needed desperate help. Years behind in both mental and physical development, they were not yet even able to walk. At 4 and 5 years old, the girls were both suffering from acute malnutrition.

“I walked into what was one of the most horrible situations I’ve ever seen. I knew right away that if we left them, we would risk returning in a few months to find them dead."- Miriam Adong, Social Worker at Sewing Hope Children's Village.

Assist International was able to come alongside our partners at Sewing Hope Children's Village to provide life-saving medical care and specialized nutrition for both girls. After just one month of intentional love and care, Mercy began walking! It was not long before Rose followed right behind her.

Today, the girls are running! Despair has turned to hope, sickness transformed into health. These sisters have been given a safe and healthy home, an opportunity for an education, and (for the first time in their young lives) the love of a family. The future is bright for Mercy and Rose.

"After seeing where they both came from, I can only imagine how strong their family will be when they grow up as healthy and educated sisters."
- Mirriam Adong, Social Worker.

We are grateful for our partners and supporters, who are helping us make a difference in the world… one child at a time.

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Rose and Mercy at Sewing Hope Children's Village
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