Syria In Crisis: Our Medical Donations Reach the Most Needy

Syrian Child in an IDP Camp

1 million people have been displaced in Northwest Syria since April 2019.

CMMB supports groups working on the ground with regular donations of medicine and medical supplies. In 2019 alone, we sent over $10 million worth of donations to North Western Syria.

Since April of last year, the situation has become dire. The destruction of housing, water & sanitation infrastructure, and medical facilities has caused massive numbers of internally displaced persons (IDPs) to flee towards Idlib. In this period alone, fifteen health facilities have been bombed and rendered useless, forcing Syrians to relocate in search of medical care.

The IDP camps set up in Idlib and surrounding areas are stretched to the limits. NGOs operating them report having only 30% of the resources and funds necessary to support a group of that size. The violence and resultant movements don’t stop.

Access to medicine is incredibly difficult for these IDPs. Our partner pharmacy on the ground is their only option to acquire medicine and over-the-counter products they need. Otherwise, patients can look to purchase the medicines, which frequently cost up to 50% of the average monthly salary in Syria. Some even try to cross the border into Turkey to obtain medicines, but this process is exceedingly dangerous. Sadly, the only option for most is to go without medicine, focusing instead on finding food and shelter.

Our partner on the ground, Orient makes great efforts to increase access for these victims. Orient sends staff and medical products to mobile clinics every day in 25 different sites throughout the IDP camps. In addition to passing out medicines for chronic disease, these mobile clinics try to provide nutritional supplements to children and mothers, as well as prenatal vitamins to pregnant women. We are working to provide continuous support for these operations.

Many of the medical NGOs who had previously been operating in the area have fled Southern Idlib due to the increase in bombing. The injuries from bombings are gruesome and they have little capacity to properly treat them. Additionally, they are trying to provide continuous medicines for chronic diseases, such as cancer. Due to shortages in affordable medicine, they have had to amputate limbs, and try to find dialysis options for patients whose kidneys are shutting down.

One patient came to a camp near the Turkish border. He suffers from cancer and needed to find two medications, one costing $100, and one that is $250. When he was given these medicines for free, he cried. Without this donation, he would have died.

“Without the donations coming in, these people would pass away and die in silence.” – Ahmed Mustafa

We are honored to work with partners like, Orient who ensure our medicine and medical supplies go where they are truly needed most. As the situation in Syria continues to deteriorate, we stand with the women, children, and communities affected by this worsening humanitarian crisis.

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Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB)
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Syrian Child in an IDP Camp
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