Taking the Toxics Out of Lawn, Moving to Organic

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Local organic land management practices and policies are sweeping the nation and Beyond Pesticides is supporting local organizations and policy makers. This summer, the City of Gaithersburg, Maryland has chosen to opt-in to its county’s Healthy Lawns Act, restricting toxic pesticide use on public and private property. Gaithersburg is the latest, and largest city to opt-in to the county’s law, which advances organic practices by limiting pesticide use on lawns and landscapes to products that are certified organic or considered minimum risk by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Working with local groups nationwide, the transition is not only protecting children and families that use parks, playgrounds, and playing fields, but contributes to eliminating toxic pesticides that are contributing to hazards to landscape workers, the climate crisis, and biodiversity decline.

Beyond Pesticides joined with local groups in the filing of an Amicus brief in a landmark case that upheld the right of local jurisdictions in Maryland to adopt restrictions more protective than the state or EPA. In working with communities nationwide to adopt meaningful policies, the organization is fighting back against unnecessary pesticide use and protecting communities. The organization provides people with resources, such as Lawn and Landscape Tools for Change and tracks its work with communities through its Map of U.S. Pesticide Reform Policies, which lists over 150 communities in 23 states that restrict chemical pesticide use. Beyond Pesticides urges people nationwide to Take the pledge to make your community the next on the map!

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