Testimony and Tribute to Tyrone

Transformed Life

A testimony and a tribute to Tyrone
Looking back to when Tyrone first came to God’s Storehouse in 2007, we remember a man who had lost his wife; was struggling with a heroine addiction; and was diagnosed with HIV. He had come here alone, from Chicago to live temporarily with his cousin. He was very sick; had lost his hair and had a difficult time eating his meals. Tyrone was depressed, and feeling as though there was no real hope for change or restoration. After about 6 months, he went to live in a facility with other men who were trying to get themselves together.
In spite of his feelings of hopelessness, he continued to come to God’s Storehouse. He went through biblical counseling sessions; attended Christian recovery classes, and began helping in the work of the ministry. Little by little Tyrone began to try to move forward. His hair began to grow back; his health began to improve and his commitment to help in the ministry work, began to be a priority. Not only was his life changed; he was able to build healthy relationships with the other workers; he was able to show his adult children, who live in another state, how, after 50+ years of a difficult lifestyle, he was able to change. And Tyrone moved into his own apartment.
Tyrone became a very important and commitment servant at GOD’S Storehouse. In fact, those who have seen us at the CFC fairs in the last several years, saw him there, representing our outreach mission. After a few years in his apartment, we then asked Tyrone to oversee our residential home for those struggling with substance abuse. He lived there and supervised the home until the end of 2019, when he became ill. Tyrone passed in February of 2020. But his life is a testimony to others. His family was so elated at the change; the transformation. And as his family came here to Detroit for his memorial service, it was truly a celebration. He touched the lives of many in these last several years, because of the new life he was able to live, as GOD restored his life through the WORD and love.
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