Treehouse Youth in Foster Care Succeeds in School

Treehouse's Karizma Succeeds in School

Treehouse has shown me that things are easier to put into action when you have somebody working with you.

This fall, I will be a high school senior. We’ll all be online for the first semester. I’m actually looking forward to this because I work a lot better alone and at my own pace.

I’m not a very social person. At school, I didn’t have a “group.” I liked eating in the office and things like that. Being away from people these past few months has done some good to kind of catch up with myself.

Still, even self-described introverts have limits. I never thought I would have to sit at home and wish to be at school! It is a little different and unexpected.

Last year, I started working with Ruby, a Graduation Success Coordinator at Treehouse. She partners with me as I work toward graduation and make plans for life after high school.
It’s been a perfect pairing. We work on setting goals to get where I want to be with classes and my grades. Overall, I would say I’m a good student. Sometimes I struggle in math and have issues turning in assignments on time.

Having Ruby look out for me has definitely helped a lot as I work toward my future. We use a checklist that’s helped a lot as I keep up with high school, balance my work life and make plans for my career.

Setting and achieving goals has always been a key part of my life. Before COVID-19, I was making plans to do some job shadows through Treehouse. I was hoping to shadow a dental hygienist. I like the good hours and pay the job provides. Recently, I’ve also found myself interested in careers working with youth. I’ve been thinking about being a counselor. I know I want to have a job where I get to build relationships.

Since March, Ruby and I have been staying in touch through frequent phone calls, texts and FaceTime instead of meeting in person. Scheduling things with her makes my life feel more put together. Having little reminders—having that push—has really focused me.

Ruby has definitely motivated me to not give up and finish what I start. I’ve learned so much from working with Ruby. I honestly don’t know where to start! I’ve found myself double-checking assignments and due dates to get good results and have homework turned in on time. I’ve also gotten to learn about all the different opportunities available for me to get where I’d like to go.

I’ve learned so much about myself and how to create better habits through work life and school. I’m so thankful Treehouse and Ruby are there to partner with me. It feels good to be acknowledged for trying. I really do think Treehouse is amazing!

My partnership with Ruby has meant so much to me. And I know your partnership with Treehouse means a lot to you, too. Community is a key at Treehouse. It’s going to take all of us working together to continue moving forward. Donations are important now as so many kids like me start the school year. If you are able, now is an important time to give. Your dedication makes a difference. You support partnerships like Ruby and I have, and connect us all.

With hope for a bright future,
Treehouse Class of 2021

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Treehouse's Karizma Succeeds in School
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