Triplets barely weighing 1 lb each. Journey from birth to now!

Meet the triplets!

There is never a dull moment for Ashlee and Jonathan, parents of triplets Nolan, Noelle and Nelan. After going into preterm labor and delivering the triplets – each weighing barely more than a pound – they spent months in Children’s neonatal intensive care unit where, Ashlee says, the doctors, nurses and staff became like family.

Nolan, who has already had nine surgeries, is very laid back, “he’s the chill one,” says Jonathan. Nelan, on the other hand, is a little ball of energy, into everything and always making others laugh. Then there’s Noelle, who recently had surgery to repair a hole in her heart, who Ashlee calls “the bossy one, our princess.”

The trio has already reached many milestones and show incredible strength and determination with each passing day. They all love and are completely obsessed with Barney.

They will be 3 on November 9th. Nelan and Noelle are meeting all of their developmental milestones. Nolan still has physical disabilities. He isn’t walking and is weak on his right side as a result of a stroke. But he scoots around on his bottom and keeps up with the others. He's in therapy twice a week. Ashlee says, "Dr. Shirley has taken such great care of him. We are extremely grateful for Children’s of Mississippi."

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