Tropical Storm Isaias damaged hundreds of homes in Southeastern Pennsylvania: Red Cross assisting as residents begin to return home

Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle delivering supplies

More than a week after Hurricane Isaias left devastating flooding in Southeastern Pennsylvania, the American Red Cross is assisting people in the next step of their recovery — transitioning from a shelter back home or into a new place to stay.
After about a week in a hotel shelter, Montrell Headen, his wife Tiffany and their two children picked up cleanup kit and comfort kits as they prepared to check out. These items are some of the more than 1,800 relief supplies the Red Cross
has provided so far in this recovery effort.
Headen said the damage to his family’s home in Eastwick was so extensive that they are going to stay with loved ones while they look for a new place to live.
“It’s kind of hard for me and my family. My wife was in the hospital for 15 days so that was hard on us with the pandemic and the flood. But we’ve been trying to maintain. The Red Cross has been helping us out,” he said.
Headen said having a safe place to stay in the days after the flood allowed them to focus on their next steps, and that he appreciated the warmth and kindness of the shelter staff.
“They’ve been great. Nice people. I love the Red Cross,” he said.
Headen is one of more than 350 people the Red Cross provided emergency shelter for in the widespread flooding that occurred regionwide after Hurricane Isaias. More than 100 Red Cross disaster workers have been providing around-the-clock care and comfort to displaced families.
Jennifer Nesbitt also lived in the Eastwick neighborhood of Philadelphia and said this is the third time they’ve dealt with major flooding. She said the August
4th flood not only brought physical damage, but emotional stress as well.
“My home, looking at the water line, it was close to six feet of murky water,” she said. “It impacted me, I was very impacted. Not only looking at my home, but emotional feelings because we’ve been there before,” she recalled.
Adding to the toll is the Coronavirus pandemic, which Nesbitt said had a large impact on her family.
“My daughters and I, we have been quarantined since March, in our home, because I’m immune compromised. And I have a special needs daughter that’s immune compromised,” she said.
Despite living through circumstances that many people will only read about, Nesbitt says she has been able to find some positives, pointing to the people who volunteered their time and effort to provide support to those displaced.
“The Red Cross came along and they were our saving grace because they offered us lodging and food and comfort of a conversation in listening to what we were going through. So I want to commend the Red Cross very much, for being there for us. And everybody’s been doing it with a smile,” she said.
Red Cross support doesn’t end when people leave the shelter. Each family leaves
with comfort kits containing personal care items to get them through the next few
weeks. They’re also given a cleanup kit with supplies to help them clean and disinfect
flooded homes. And each family is set up with a recovery specialist who helps them plan next steps and connects them with other organizations that can help, like where to get new furniture or assistance with looking for new housing.
This Red Cross Disaster Relief operation is far from over. And with a permanent presence in Southeastern Pennsylvania, the Red Cross will continue its mission of alleviating suffering and caring for communities in this region.

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Southeastern PA Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle delivers supplies
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