Tyler's Story


Tyler’s mother passed away soon after he graduated from high school, and during this difficult time he was burdened with finding a way to support himself. Unfortunately, his job at a local fast food restaurant did not cover the cost of basic expenses like food, clothing, rent, and medical care.

Thankfully, The Light House was there to provide the case management services and employment training Tyler needed to build a brighter future. He enrolled in The Light House B.E.S.T. Culinary Arts Program, and during that time was also working night shifts every night before starting his B.E.S.T. class at 8am. Tyler was able to meet regularly with a Light House case manager to apply for jobs, housing, and other resources, and to cover additional basic needs such as food, clothing, and laundry. He soon transitioned from B.E.S.T. into advanced culinary training at Light House Bistro, was later hired as a Line Cook, and is now in the process of training to be a Sous Chef. Tyler has developed into a strong leader among his colleagues and has plans to start college courses. He is a tireless advocate for The Light House, stating that “I wish there was a Light House in every city. They are rebuilding the lives of so many people who are struggling in our community, and I am first hand proof that their programs work.”
Your donation ensures that we can continue to provide our neighbors like Tyler with the life- changing programs and services they need to find their path to a brighter future.

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The Light House
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Tyler, Light House Bistro Line Cook and B.E.S.T. Culinary Employment Training graduate
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