Volunteers at Work

Milk House to a Chapel/Oratory

The Becky Love Foundation is blessed with an exuberance of volunteers. Located at Turner Farm in Great Falls, Virginia, we are building a retreat center to help those who are struggling.

Our first group of volunteers who came out were a troop of 5th grade Girl Scouts. They painted fences, planted a vegetable garden, many flowers, and raspberries. A local Boy Scout organized the construction of a manure composting facility and brought his troop to complete the task for his Eagle Scout project.

Next came Marines from Quantico and other local posts, who helped demo the interior of the milk house, plant grass seed in the pastures, paint a lot of fence, build a fire pit and patio behind the milk house, and flip pancakes on the grill for our Pancake Breakfast .

40 teens from 3 churches with adult team leaders and contractors spent a week in June transforming the milk house into a quiet space for recollection (chapel/oratory), building a ramp into the milk house, adirondack chairs, and a swing, and creating pathways around the pond and into the park.

We are so grateful to all of these volunteers - they have brought out the natural beauty of the farm, and created beautiful spaces for reflection and peace.

Once we get approval for the retreat house, there will be many more opportunities and challenges to make the dream a reality. Thank you to all of our volunteers, and welcome to all who want to be a part of creating a healing space here in Northern Virginia.

Charity Name
Becky Love Foundation
Photo Caption
The milk house was cleaned up, new windows, lots of patching, paint, and TLC. Keeping the character, but a clean and happy space for quiet reflection.
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Sarah Kirk