Why Support Pope Memorial Humane Society Cocheco Valley?


Pope Memorial Humane Society—Cocheco Valley (PMHS—CV) needs your help. All of our traditional fundraising events have been cancelled this year due to COVID-19. We have had to move to virtual events. They have helped to reduce the deficit, but we really need your support to continue to provide care to the more than 1,000 animals that will come through our doors this year. The number of animals needing help is enormous. Paul and Bubba are two that desperately needed our help. Below are their stories.

At just under 3 years old, Paul has had a less than easy life. On July 22, 2019 Paul was surrendered to Friends of Fairfield County Animal Shelter in South Carolina. Unwanted by his owners, he was left with a family member who was unable to properly care for him. Paul only wanted to be around people. He would scream and cry when someone would walk away from his kennel. 322 days in a SC shelter took its toll; not only did he suffer from anxiety, he also tested positive for heartworm. Treatment was successful and the search was on to find him a forever home. Sadly, Paul’s story is not uncommon. PMHS—CV received Paul via transport June 20, 2020 hoping a change in location, a BIG change, would be the ticket. What a love! Paul was scared but really opened-up and quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite. After clearing quarantine and doing well with his temperament test it was time to see if NH was the right move. Could he find his person 1,000 miles away from his original home? The answer was YES! Paul was adopted on July 6, 2020.

Bubba… he is an innocent soul and the epitome of a survivor. Imagine being driven hundreds of miles, all alone, in the open bed of a pick-up truck from Florida to New Hampshire. Bubba was in a wire cage with no food, water, litter box or blankets. His paws were raw, covered in feces and urine. He was extremely hungry and suffering from an upper respiratory infection. Our vet staff immediately began medical care to save this angel. After a few weeks of amazing care and lots of TLC, Bubba was healthy and available for adoption! Despite all Bubba endured at just 2 years old, he was an absolute love who enjoyed chin scratches, soothing pats and had the softest purr. We are excited to announce that Bubba was adopted with another cat, Ash, on August 19, 2020!

We cannot help animals like Paul and Bubba without your support! Please make a gift today to help us help animals in need. Your support will truly make a difference in the lives of surrendered, lost, neglected, abused or unwanted animals that depend on us for their care.

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Pope Memorial Humane Society Cocheco Valley
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Bubba Happy and Healthy
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Pam Thompson Volunteer