Cause of the Week: Global Health

 Global Health web banner with icon of global Cause sub-categories: Disease Treatment and Eradication (World Aids Day, Dec. 1), Persons with Disabilities (International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Dec. 3), Vaccine Research and Administration, Cancer Awareness / Treatment, Refugees 

“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.” - Winston Churchill 


At least half of the world's population does not have access to basic healthcare. More than 16,000 children under the age of five die every day — many from preventable causes. Support for global health includes increased access to healthcare, training healthcare workers, distribution of nutritious food, and a host of other services to improve worldwide health for all. 

Due to gaps in HIV services, 690,000 people died from HIV-related causes in 2019 and 1.7 million more were infected. Additionally, 2.2 billion people worldwide have vision impairment or blindness, and nearly a half of them (1 billion) could be prevented or corrected.  

Addressing these global health issues can strengthen national security, as it gives doctors the right tools to help fight infectious diseases before they reach our shores.  

Preventative measures are key to making a difference for the small children infected with malaria; or the thousands suffering from viruses without proper access to vaccinations. Donations through the CFC help supply charities working to support global health by proving lifesaving treatments and education to keep communities safe. It only takes a small action to create a large change that will protect our world for many years to come.    

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