Cause of the Week: Housing & Shelter

 Web banner with icon of a house Cause sub-categories: Temporary Shelter, Disaster Relief, Food Bank, Job Training, Senior Care, Safe Home, Refugees (International Human Rights Day, Dec. 10), Home Accessibility & Improvement 

“There’s no place like home!” – Judy Garland as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz 


For most of us, home is more than four walls and a roof – it’s a place of our own, where we feel safe – but so many people around the globe have to find a way to live without the comfort of a place to call home. Over half a million people are homeless on a single night in the U.S. Of those, 65 percent find refuge in a shelter, while the other 35 percent (just under 200,000 people) go unsheltered on our streets. Battling the elements, searching for food, and going days – sometimes weeks – without a shower or adequate hygiene contributes to many preventable diseases and injuries. 

One of the primary reasons for homelessness around the world is unexpected displacement due to conflict or disasters. Affected individuals, families, and communities are typically left with little to no resources. 

There are many CFC charities helping people who find themselves homeless right here in our own community and around the world. These charities provide immediate relief in the form of a clean bed, hot meal, or shower but also provide longer-term hope and solutions through training on life skills needed to get people back on their feet. 

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