Carla's Story

Carla describes her visit to a Challenger Learning Center in 6th grade as a life-changing experience that "definitely influenced the direction" of her career. Carla participated in a simulated space mission with her classmates. The mission gave Carla insight into a range of science, technology, and engineering roles and the opportunity to practice teamwork, communication, and creative problem solving - skills that are critical for today's careers. Carla says, "I enjoyed the atmosphere of being part of a team and doing something momentous.

Ethan and Dylan Making A BIG Difference, one glass of lemonade at a time!

This story began with a 7 year old boy who wanted to help a local charity here in Elk Grove, CA by selling lemonade. Ethan and his big brother, Dylan, sold Ethan’s Legenade (Legendary Lemonade) at local events and donated half their profit to local charities. What their parents thought to be just a hobby grew bigger each year, as well as their desire to help more kids.

“They Listened”: A Graduate Explains How P.E.C.E.S.’ Alternative School Changed his Life

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“They Listened”: A Graduate Explains How P.E.C.E.S.’ Alternative School Changed his Life

One could say that losing your parents at an early age would leave you short in you share of love. Fortunately for Edwin Jesús Medina Cintrón, life provided love, acceptance and motivation in other ways – including the opportunity to attend P.E.C.E.S.’ alternative high school in Punta Santiago, Humacao.

Inspiring student to strive for careers in science

Founded in 1984, Science Olympiad is one of the premier K-12 science competitions in the nation, providing rigorous, standards-based challenges to nearly 250,000 students on 8,000 teams in all 50 states. Science Olympiad hosts 450 tournaments annually on college campuses and holds professional development workshops that showcase innovative science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). A signature program is the Urban and Rural Schools Initiative. The impact is best shown in the words of those affiliated with the program:"I have been in public health for more than 40 years.

The journey to creating the schools our children deserve

Alex’s journey to designing and opening Lee Montessori Public Charter School (PCS)—East End, the first full public Montessori east of the Anacostia River, began during a CityBridge Fellowship.

Alex had seen firsthand how the traditional education system was failing students, especially students of color. His vision was to create a diverse Montessori school that empowered students to learn in the context of freedom.

Huma's Story

Achieve Global Impact - One Social Change Leader at a TimeAtlas Corps is founded on the idea that talent exists throughout the world yet opportunity does not. We connected talented global social change professionals to opportunities that include service in the United States and virtual learning programs. We inspire individuals like Huma (Pakistan, Class 30, Host: Halcyon, Current: Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation) who dedicated a year of service in the United States and then return to Pakistan to address local poverty.

Greg Galeazzi's Story

No story better expresses our mission to support and enhance the quality of life of veterans, than that of Greg Galeazzi. Following the footsteps of his dad and brothers, Greg joined the Army after 9/11, ready to face anything for his country!

Rita finds her voice

Two years ago, Educational Theatre Company (ETC) was at the risk of losing much-needed funding from the Arlington Commission, along with most of the arts organizations in the area. Building on our knowledge that the arts are for everyone, ETC reached out to Rita, one of our Creative Age participants, to speak to the Commission about what being a part of theatre has meant to her.

"Constituting America Didn't Miss A Beat": Our COVID-19 Story

The COVID-19 school closures beginning in March 2020 led to a scramble to adjust for many school districts and partner organizations. Constituting America faced these challenges head on, quickly assessing the ways in which we could continue to help students all across the country. We were well-positioned to transition into online education - we have been providing Constitution education via Skype and other video conferencing tools for the entirety of our 10 years as an organization. Of course, the COVID crisis created many unique challenges for us, even as a primarily virtual tool.