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Supporting Prostate Cancer Patients and Their Families When They Need Help the Most

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the needs of prostate patients and families have taken on a whole new level. Trying to navigate unemployment and figuring out how to afford care with no income has become a hauntingly familiar story from patients. You’ve seen the devastating impacts this pandemic is having on the cancer community - lack of access to care, financial ruin, and emotional isolation, are taking its toll.

Arnold's Story

Arnold is a man in his forties working at a local CPA firm who commutes to his job via public transportation and enjoys the company of his co-workers. What is different about Arnold is that he has autism. In the past, Arnold received daily support at his job stocking shelves at Toys R Us. He had behavioral problems and required constant attention.

Success Story - Ms. T

Ms. T was a 20-year-old female admitted directly from the hospital to the Shepherd’s Cove inpatient facility with a terminal diagnosis of cancer. She was diagnosed just weeks after the birth of her first child – a daughter. Upon diagnosis, she was not only told she had cancer, but that it was terminal with only weeks to live. She underwent some treatment with the hope of decreasing pain and slow the growth.

Emery's Offroad Wheelchair Expands His World & Leads His Family Out of COVID-19 Isolation

After he was born, Emery did not receive a hopeful prognosis.
Following a delivery complication, doctors predicted he would remain in a persistent vegetative state. However, due to early intervention and a fighting spirit, Emery has defied the odds. Although still limited in mobility and speech, Emery sits with assistance, rolls from room to room of his home, and mimics sounds and words. He increasingly shows signs of a desire to connect with his family and is learning to work with a school iPad program that helps him communicate.

Don a 62-year-old homeless veteran living with chronic dental pain.

Don a 62-year-old homeless veteran living with chronic dental pain.
Don served our country proudly for 22 years. He had some bad breaks in life, found himself homeless, and in desperate need of dental care; he does not qualify for dental care through the V.A. because his condition is not 100 percent related to his service. He was forced to live with the pain.
The pain is so great that you look for pain medication off the street and found himself addicted.

The Gaylord Experience

April 30, 2019, our world changed forever. My amazing 54-year-old son, a retired commissioned officer, PhD, [at the] top of his career, was living the idyllic life on a ranch just outside of Austin, Texas, with his gorgeous, wonderful wife and two remarkable, beautiful teenage daughters. He left on a business trip to Connecticut on Sunday. That Tuesday morning, he went down to work out because, as a powerlifter, this is his daily routine. There was one other person in the gym that morning, which was unusual at a hotel gym. Within the hour, he suffered a traumatic fall off of a treadmill.

Daughter's Recovery Inspires Pledge

Steve Russell’s voice breaks with emotion as he talks about a remarkable moment in his daughter’s life. “The first time she ran that cross country meet three months after being in the hospital was an amazing thing,” he says. At least half of the competitors had already finished the race, but Steve and his wife Debbie were waiting for their daughter, Courtney.