Human Services

Vijay's Story

PROJECT VIJAY When Vijay was born, he was not expected to live. His parents gave him loving care, but professional medical services were not affordable. He was bedridden until age 7, but then, through sheer determination, he began steadily improving, while continuing to have both physical and developmental challenges. In 2018, Disabled Children's Fund provided Vijay with an all-terrain pediatric wheelchair to enhance his ability to get around in the rural area where he lives.We named the initiative "Project Vijay" after him due to his winning personality and positive spirit.

Jason's Story

When Jason began working with the Vermont Legal Aid attorney at Safe Recovery, he was homeless and struggling to stay in treatment at the Chittenden Clinic. Following a referral from his case manager at Safe Recovery, his attorney successfully appealed a subsidized housing denial and ultimately was able to secure a housing voucher and supportive mental health services for Jason and his girlfriend. The voucher ended a 5-year period of homelessness for Jason—a period that led to countless police interactions and traumatic experiences that exacerbated his substance use disorder.

Christian's Story

In April of 2009, Corporal Christian Brown joined the United States Marine Corps. He followed in the footsteps of his maternal grandfather, who served as a Commander in the Navy, and his paternal grandfather, who was an enlisted member of the Marine Corps. In December of 2009, he was deployed to Marjah, Afghanistan, during one of the most notable surges in OIF/OEF history. After safely returning home from his first deployment, he was once again deployed to Afghanistan in July of 2011.

Maggie's Journey

Home is where children take their first steps in life, where they discover love. It's the magical place where they learn to explore their world feeling safe, secure, and accepted. But five-year-old Maggie's journey started with an alarming realization: she was fifteen months, and still didn't respond to her name, hold eye contact, or play with toys. "As first-time parents, we were very scared," says Hannah, Maggie's mother.

Treasuring Togetherness - Addelyn's Story

Content, silly, and very loving – just a few words Melia uses to describe her 19-month-old daughter Addelyn. Those characteristics serve her well, considering the medical obstacles she faces. At 19 weeks pregnant, parents Melia and Reagan from Thatcher, Arizona, discovered their daughter had fluid on her brain. Tests later revealed that she had a rare diagnosis of chromosomal deletions on parts of her DNA. After birth, these deletions have presented Addelyn with many medical challenges, including seizures and epilepsy. She has also undergone shunt, heart, and eye surgery.

Anoushka's Story

The National Down Syndrome Society has nearly always been a part of two-year-old Anoushka’s life. Born more than two months early, “she almost arrived on the A train like a typical impatient New Yorker!” her mother Ebbe recalls.

A Student Thanks Communities In Schools - Bay Area

Communities In Schools – Bay Area, a Dropout Prevention Organization
Communities In Schools – Bay Area’s success is based on building trusting relationships and being present for at-risk students who rely on having a safe place where they can share their struggles. Working directly inside schools, Communities In Schools – Bay Area’s is connecting the most vulnerable students to a caring adult, supportive services, and resources to help them stay in school.

I am a Blessing to Those Who Are a Blessing to Me

Evelyn Martin is a woman of many names at United Community’s Fordson Road office. Some team members call her Miss Sunshine. Others simply know her as the “cup lady”. But those who know her best, simply call her Ms. Martin.

Ms. Martin and her family were hit hard when schools were closed by the COVID-19 pandemic back in March. A determined entrepreneur and grandmother of 8, Ms. Martin faced the daunting challenge of trying to keep her custom-print business “Etimespecialties” alive AND providing food for her family.

From chaos to confidence

“What do I do?” Kevin’s* mother asked.

By the time Kevin was 12, his parents were at their wits’ end. Although school had never been something he looked forward to, his negative behaviors were escalating. “I was between a rock and a hard place,” his mother told us. “If I didn’t send him to school, we would be reported to social services, but getting him on the school bus in the morning involved terrible screaming matches and neighbors called the police. I didn’t understand why this was happening.”