Volunteers Rocked Rock Creek for National Public Lands Day!

More than 175 volunteers joined Rock Creek Conservancy, the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF), and the National Park Service to celebrate National Public Lands Day (NPLD) on September 28. As the signature site of thousands of NPLD events across the country, the day of service attracted an intergenerational crowd of enthusiastic volunteers. Volunteers also had the opportunity to participate in Rock Creek Park Day, an annual celebration of Rock Creek Park’s establishment on September 27th, 1890!

Youth Creating Change (YCC)

The YCC program was piloted in 2014 and has successfully impacted its over 300 participants. Youth selected for the program have been identified as leaders within their communities, but who need their leadership skills adjusted to be used in a positive way. Through weekly sessions over the three-month period, youth build these skills, directly resulting in an increase in self-esteem. The youth are encouraged to be outspoken and participatory within their community.

Rescued at Ten Years Old

We rescued Bigby from the county shelter on March 18th. At ten years of age, we knew the odds were against him, so we immediately jumped in to help. This senior boy did not belong in an overcrowded open admission shelter. After multiple vet visits, we discovered Bigby had a huge mass on his liver and we had to operate to make sure it was not a malignant mass that could affect his quality of life.

Furlough Brings a First-Time Visit to a Food Pantry

Good, steady work for nearly a decade. Then, suddenly, nothing.

That’s how it was for Albany Park resident Andrew. He worked at Navy Pier—until he was furloughed in March as a result of the pandemic.

Restaurants gradually reopened . . . so did the restaurant where Andrew and his girlfriend worked—but only at 20% capacity. They weren’t brought back.

The couple tried to get by on unemployment benefits, but to make ends meet, they sought additional help. For the first time in his life, Andrew turned to a local food pantry.

Treasuring Togetherness - Addelyn's Story

Content, silly, and very loving – just a few words Melia uses to describe her 19-month-old daughter Addelyn. Those characteristics serve her well, considering the medical obstacles she faces. At 19 weeks pregnant, parents Melia and Reagan from Thatcher, Arizona, discovered their daughter had fluid on her brain. Tests later revealed that she had a rare diagnosis of chromosomal deletions on parts of her DNA. After birth, these deletions have presented Addelyn with many medical challenges, including seizures and epilepsy. She has also undergone shunt, heart, and eye surgery.