Sharing U.S. Veterans' Stories: Honoring, Inspiring, Connecting and Educating

The only museum in America to honor ALL our Veterans, the National Veterans Memorial and Museum gives a voice to every man and woman who answered the call of service for our country – all military branches, during war and in peace. The Museum tells the individual stories and shared experiences of Veterans throughout history in their own voices and pays tribute to servicemen and women and their families' sacrifices. Their legacies come to life in a dynamic experience with photos, letters and personal effects, multi-media presentations, and interactive exhibits.

Helping Refugees Return Home

In Sri Lanka, our mine clearance is helping refugees to return home.

Karuppaijah Ginanasekaram was heavily pregnant with her second child when the Sri Lankan conflict arrived at their door in the village of Skandapuram. Fearing for their lives, Karuppaijah and her young family abandoned their home and grocery store, taking only what they could carry in their hands. Because of the conflict, around 300,000 Sri Lankans were displaced from their homes – each with a different story of trials and survival.

The Story of Omar and How He Overcame His Unimaginable Health Situation

In the past 10 years, Syrian civilians have had to endure unbearable pain as they suffered relentlessly from bombings, airstrikes, and sieges. Their neighborhoods and homes were reduced to rubble. Their sense of security was robbed from them as hospitals, medical facilities, doctors, and medical staff were targeted. Syrian civilians were killed, maimed, detained, tortured, and wounded, as the world turned a blind eye to the atrocities against them. They experienced unimaginable fear, hunger, and insecurity for years.

More than a refugee

A child awakens in the morning by the ray of light that pierces through the humble abode they live in. As they sit up from their bed, and the smell of the cool morning dew brushes their nose, they realize that it was here in Sudan, in the Shegerab Refugee Camp that they finished their Elementary school education. And for that time period, they were not just refugees, they were students. But today, without a secondary school, they assume their identity as a refugee. Going through the motions of life trying to find their path and their place in this world.

After the storm, a beacon of hope in Puerto Rico

When Hurricane Maria took down Puerto Rico’s electric grid in 2017, some residents endured nearly a year without power. On Culebra, an island off Puerto Rico’s northeast coast where Dulce del Rio-Pineda lives, people relied on noisy, dirty diesel generators for 18 months, but fuel was scarce. Del Rio-Pineda is a co-founder of Mujeres de Islas, a women’s collective that’s rebuilding Culebra’s self-reliance. As climate change threatens Puerto Rico with increasingly damaging storms, the group is turning to solar power, starting with a community kitchen that doubles as a culinary school.

Advances in Pet Cancer Treatment

Pet owners around the world know all too well the feelings of helplessness and grief when their beloved cat or dog is diagnosed with cancer. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly 12 million dogs and cats are diagnosed each year with cancer in the United States alone. The good news for pet owners is that Morris Animal Foundation is at the forefront of the fight against cancer, developing new tools for prevention, diagnosis and treatment to give all pets longer, healthier lives.

Here's a look at some cutting-edge cancer research we fund today:

From Sickness to Strength: The rescue of two orphan sisters

In July 2018, we were introduced to Mercy and Rose, two orphaned toddlers fighting to survive in rural Uganda. With swollen bellies, tattered clothes, and dangerous living conditions, these sisters needed desperate help. Years behind in both mental and physical development, they were not yet even able to walk. At 4 and 5 years old, the girls were both suffering from acute malnutrition.