This Is HOPE

HOPE is dedicated to uplifting communities and restoring financial dignity and economic opportunity in a n effort to remediate root causes of social, economic and racial injustice. HOPE's primary purpose is to enhance, align, leverage, promote and establish best practices and innovative strategies for spurring and sustaining results-based poverty reduction strategies, economic growth, and pathways out of poverty.

Black Girls RUN? Yes, we do!

There is a huge misconception that black women do not run. In an effort to dispel this myth and tackle the growing obesity epidemic in the African American community, Black Girls RUN! Foundation was created as the philanthropic arm to the national organization (Black Girls RUN!) to support our local community footprint, training programs, funding, and resources. Since our founding in 2018, the Black Girls RUN! Foundation has been helping women get healthier through the sport of running.

Bringing Empowerment to Citizens & Their Communities

(1) INDEPENDENT REFERENDUM VOTING on Policies & Budgets, Issues & Options to address the Needs & Aspirations of We The People.
--- Uniting America with online authenticated "One Person -- All Persons -- One Vote."
--- Universal suffrage and access.
--- "Votes that Matter, No Matter Who's Elected"
--- Mandates for Change.

Your contributions have been a lifeline for COV and we thank you.

A young woman, Che, sits at her study desk as her father, a single parent, lovingly brushes her long, ebony hair. He expertly ties it into a ponytail, so it doesn’t fall across her eyes as she studies. Despite her disabilities related to dwarfism, Che studies a lot!
For 12 years of public school, she thrived on achieving high results on her assignments. Her hard work recently paid off with her acceptance to Da Nang University of Economics. Che’s father smiled through tears when they received the news of her entrance exam scores.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Shelter, Food, Health Care and Disaster Relief is the heart beat for services provided by Four Corners International Mission (FCIM). When a child is born, we can’t wait to bring them home to a safe environment full of love and care. However, in other countries, there are children struggling to find a safe place they can call home. Children are being discarded in the trash, in the woods or along the road side. Baby Valentine was a fragile little orphan that was found in an outdoor toilet covered with maggots, feces and urine.

Yellowstone Forever THANKS you generous CFC donors!

As a generous CFC supporter, your gift helps provide foundational support for priority projects in the world’s first national park. Each and every day you help maintain facilities, support education for the next generation, and protect wildlife through programs like the Yellowstone Cougar Project. And for that, I want to say thank you and give you an exclusive look at some of the work you’ve helped to make possible this year.